ALI Network

What's We Do

sample image          ALI Network is a company based in Thailand. That provides the opportunity for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)  to outsource their IT by offering a solution of managed IT services.


sample image- Computer and IT Support                           - Offsite Data Backup                                    - Disaster Recovery                                       - Remote Support                                         - Systems Administrator                                - System and Infrastructure Monitoring                                                  


  • Team Experience: Your dedicated ‘systems administrator’ has further access to a wealth of experienced and qualified technicians at their disposal.
  • Business Continuity: Your business continues to run smoothly in the event of sick or annual leave, with access to a wealth of experienced, qualified and available technicians.
  • Fixed Cost: With a fixed investment per month, your business can safely forecast its annual expenditure
  • Reduced Cost: Employing an ITtelligent ‘Systems Administrator’ will cost a fraction of the amount you may have invested in the past.


Are you a small to medium business?

sample imageHave you struggled to source, finance and retain the loyalty of a full time systems administrator at an affordable ongoing rate?

The Solution:  A full time qualified and dedicated ALI Network ‘Systems Administrator’.


Choose your best


Reduce the cost of IT today, without compromise of quality support to your business.