About Us

A Microsoft Registered Partner, ALI Network supports and configures IT systems for small to medium businesses using Microsoft technologies.

As a Microsoft Registered Partner, ALI Network has:

Microsoft Registered Partner


For the Business and Home Office

Welcome to the site!  Take a few minutes to read through the information here. We're certain you'll agree that you've found the right place for all of your Information Technology (IT) needs.  Our mission is to help you get results. We're sure that you will be very satisfied with the outstanding quality of our work. Our professional, skilled team provides a quality product at a reasonable price, while treating clients with respect. We are passionate about our work, and excited about the opportunity to help our clients take their businesses to the next level.

What we offer 

We can help you with all your Information Technology Needs.  Services including to:

  • Professional Web Design for Internet, & Intranet Sites
  • E-Commerce Web Sites
  • IT Support and Outsourcing
  • Training on how to use your Computers and Applications (Programs)
  • Application Development
  • Database Development
  • Network Solutions
  • Firewalls and Security
  • Servers: Email, Web, File, Database, and Print Servers


Where we deliver

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